3-D Print

Should it be Legal to 3D Print a Gun?

A machine can make an unregistered AR-15 in four hours. Is this a good thing?

The word "AR-15" makes everyone perk up. You either love them or hate them. The simple mixture of letters and numbers spoke out loud will catch the attention of gun lovers as well as people who hate guns.

What if we told you that you could have one 3-D printed in just four hours? Sounds crazy, right? Back in 2013, a gun rights activist by the name of Cody Wilson 3-D printed a functional gun and then openly published the print designs.

As you could imagine, that caused quite the stir.

Not surprisingly, the State Department demanded he remove the blueprint files because of national security concerns.

Wilson went a step further and now sells a machine that can pump out an unregistered AR-15 in less than four hours. There are a lot of things you could do in four hours, but "build an AR-15 from 3-D print blueprints" is not one that usually crosses your mind.

Wilson believes that open source guns should be easy accessible to everyone. Many others, and for what seems like good reason, disagree.

As someone who loves guns and is a big advocate of the Second Amendment, I am not quite sure I agree with his stance. There seems to be many issues that could arise. What are your thoughts and your stance?

Let the debating begin!