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Single Shot From SAS Sniper Turns ISIS Flamethrower Executioner into Human Torch

Single Shot From SAS Sniper Turns ISIS Flamethrower Executioner Into Human Torch

A well-placed bullet from an SAS sniper ruined the plans of an ISIS flamethrower executioner. Read on to learn just what the heck happened.

The ISIS flamethrower executioner used to be one of the most feared terrorists in the Middle East. That all came to an end when a sniper team from the SAS got involved.

A single shot from a Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle, fired from over 1,500 meters, hit the fuel tank for the flamethrower. You can imagine what happened next.

A combined US and British special operations team received intelligence that the ISIS flamethrower executioner would be traveling to a small village near the town of Raqqa, in northern Syria, to murder some civilians on camera. The executioners had been on their "kill list" for months before his luck finally ran out.

The terrorist apparently enjoyed burning prisoners to death, and his associates would film the brutal executions and distribute them for propaganda effect.

However, the SAS sniper was able to put an end to the ISIS flamethrower executioner's terrifying ways. The .50 caliber bullet (maybe a Mk 211 Raufoss round?) that struck the fuel tank of the flamethrower ignited the contents, giving the executioner and three of his associates a taste of their own medicine.

British and American special operations forces then swooped in and rescued the lucky prisoners they'd just saved from a terrible death.

This is not the first time SAS snipers have made the news for their work in the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Last December, a sniper killed 5 ISIS terrorists with just 3 bullets. Another sniper made headlines earlier in 2015 by making an epic 1,000 yard shot to kill another ISIS terrorist who was about to execute a young boy and his father.

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Single Shot From SAS Sniper Turns ISIS Flamethrower Executioner into Human Torch