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This Shotgun Cleaning Procedure will Ensure That Your Gun is Always in Fine Working Condition

This shotgun cleaning procedure is simple but thorough, and will help ensure that your gun stays in fine working order throughout its lifetime.

Here's how to completely take care of your shotgun after a day of shooting. Proper shotgun cleaning will help make sure that your firearm is always in top topnotch working order and that it will remain beautiful for many years to come.

This procedure is simple, and requires only a few items. Watch this excellent and brief video and make sure that you have everything you require for a thorough cleaning before storing your gun.

Shotguns are pretty rugged and reliable machines, but if you shoot them often enough they will build up dirt and grit that, at worst, can impede their performance. And besides, you want to take pride in your shotgun, so why wouldn't you keep it in as clean of a condition as possible.

You should clean your gun on a regular basis if you're shooting consistently, and as soon after using as possible if it's going into storage for the season. Also, check for dirt buildup and proper lubrication when you're in the field. It's not a bad idea to carry an oily cloth to quickly wipe the firearm down after shooting and before casing the gun.

Prepare your cleaning area before you begin to make sure everything goes smoothly and efficiently. And be sure that you are working in a well ventilated space. The materials produced from firing the gun as well as the solvents and lubricants used in cleaning it are toxic, so it's a good idea to have proper ventilation and to even wear safety glasses and rubber gloves so as to further protect yourself.

And by all means make sure that the shotgun is unloaded before you begin. We've all heard of people shooting themselves or others while cleaning their guns. Gun safety is always the first rule of gun ownership.

Invest in a proper cleaning kit as well as the solvents and lubrication products needed, and keep them together and in a safe spot. It's not a bad idea to have enough other supplies like paper towels or old newspapers and trash bags on hand too, so that you can prep your work table or working area. Then, when you've finished, just stuff all of dirty towels and/or newspapers into a trash bag and toss it.

This might seem like I'm making the shotgun cleaning procedure more complicated than it has to be, but I'm really not. I enjoy cleaning my guns, and preparing and getting everything ready is part of the pleasure and satisfaction of doing a good and thorough job. I take pride in my guns and am well satisfied to keep them in excellent condition at all times.

By the way, here's an excellent video for how to thoroughly clean your Glock (if you own one).

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