Shotgun Adapters

Shotgun Adapters Allow Shooters to Fire 9mm, .22lr and More From a 20 Gauge

Shotgun cartridge adapters give more use to your firearm.

One of the biggest issues for shooting enthusiasts, especially during an ammo shortage, is finding bullets and shells that will fit your gun. If you're like us, you have probably felt the frustration of going to your favorite gun store only to find a different caliber is all that's available on the shelf lately.

What's one to do about a situation like this other than waiting it out? Well, one solution is to buy a shotgun cartridge adapter for your break-action 12 or 20 gauge that allows you to fire totally different calibers.

Yes, such a product does exist. In this video from YouTuber Top Shot Dustin, he gives a full test run of four of these adapters. The results are a little mixed, but interesting none the less.

These adapters may be a bit strange, but they do work mostly as advertised. We're glad he broke out the chronograph so we could see how the muzzle velocities are being affected. After all, it's essentially just a short barrel being fed into a larger one here. The only failure we saw was the .45 Long Colt, which was getting speeds that are worse than a crossbow. Perhaps that's a manufacturing defect. Maybe the barrel wasn't long enough. In any case, that one wasn't much good.

The rest of these were getting adequate, albeit slightly reduced speeds from what you'd get shooting a firearm expressly chambered for that round. The most useful here would probably be the 9mm adapter. The velocity was reduced a bit more than normal, but used in a self-defense scenario or on a smaller game animal? It could work.

For those wondering what the practical purpose of such an adapter could be, Dustin mentions it near the end of the video. The small, compact size could make them a fantastic addition to a survival or bug out bag. It's one of those things that you'd hope you never have to use, but if you need it and have it, you'll be thankful for the extra caliber options.

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