With SHOT Show Right Around the Corner, Here's the SafeShoot Device, Explained

If you're new to SafeShoot here's the new SafeShoot device explained on American Outdoors.

SafeShoot aims to protect family and friends in the outdoors. Here on American Outdoors, Conrad Evarts explains the groundbreaking technology that will save many lives.

The SafeShoot device is easy to use and fits almost all guns. The device has been tested numerous times by top tier engineers and military generals. This device will not only be helpful for hunting parties, but also law enforcement and military men and women.

In fact, Amir Nadan, the CEO of SafeShoot, recognized a need for additional safety in military forces and, thus, SafeShoot was created.

The device is fitted with GPS technology and tracks anyone with the device up to 900 yards. In addition, it provides universal signals of green and red to let the shooter know whether to 'shoot' or 'don't shoot.'

Another cool feature the device contains is an auditory warning whenever the batteries run low. Better yet, the device creates a network and doesn't require a line of sight in order to work. This provides additional peace of mind when your friends and family aren't visible in the field.

Mr. Evarts explains that the technology is user-friendly on the outside, yet sophisticated on the inside. This, likewise, ensures hunters, military and law enforcement are protected by the best gear on the market.

SafeShoot provides two items right now, the SafeShoot Shooter Device that mounts on a weapon, and the Defender that straps on a dog.

If you are attending SHOT Show, be sure to stop by booth #659.

Similarly, if you would like to learn more you can visit for more information.

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