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Why SafeShoot is the New Innovative Technology for Keeping Hunters Safe

SafeShoot is the newest innovative technology to assist in avoiding friendly-fire accidents

Hunters, law enforcement, and military are just some of the groups asking about SafeShoot.

SafeShoot is a "unique system that creates a safety network for hunters and assists in preventing friendly-fire incidents."

How does it work?

Each member outfits their weapon of choice with the SafeShoot system. This might be two hunters, a hunter and his dog, or two law enforcement officers. The Shooter device attaches to a firearm, and can detect other Shooter devices on other hunting party members' guns. Another option, the Defender, is for a non-hunting party member or a dog that attaches via a harness.

The Dog Defender package will fit any dog and comes in four different sizes. This ensures your best friend is safe downrange.

The system operates up to 900 yards and does not require a line of sight. Similarly, SafeShoot operates on LED's and low-energy sensors to preserve and prolong battery life.

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Why SafeShoot is the New Innovative Technology for Keeping Hunters Safe