Shopping Spree Turned Rodeo: Customer Tackles and Wrangles Wild Deer

Grocery stores... fresh produce, milk, and men wrestling deer?

It seems as if these deer are finding their way into stores and houses more and more often these days. First of all, where are these deer at when I am hunting? Second, why can't I ever witness something like this.

This grocery store called "Giant" in Manchester had an unexpected shopper and it resulted in some minor damages and a broken window.

Shortly before, onlookers saw three deer running the parking lot in this outlet of stores. Two went elsewhere, but one decided it needed some groceries for the rest of the week.

In a daze, the doe made it around the store wreaking havoc, before a customer was able to place a sheet over the deer and bring it to the floor. Two others then came and they successfully calmed the deer down before placing it outside in a nearby field.

No one was injured, nor was the deer, and there were only slight damages to the store. I would say that is a win-win for all parties.

The deer were able to flee the scene before authorities arrived. "They didn't hang around to be questioned," Northeastern Regional Police Chief Bryan Rizzo lamented. Rizzo said his department and team was going to review surveillance video of the four-footed escapades.

Exciting day in Manchester to say the least.

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