shooting arrows from a shotgun

Shooting Arrows From a Shotgun? Why not?

Can you actually shoot arrows from a shotgun?

Surprisingly, yes, and they are quite lethal. Watch YouTuber Iraqveteran8888 demonstrate how it's done in one of his latest videos.

Decades ago, my cousin's husband told me about how some good ol' boys up in the hills would shoot arrows from their .410 shotguns. I always wondered if it was even possible. Apparently it is.

This popular YouTuber has set up a series of tests to determine whether or not it would actually work. He tries both a bolt-action .410 shotgun and an air rifle designed to shoot arrows. You'll be thoroughly surprised by how well the shotgun works compared to a weapon built for it.

Should you start shooting arrows from your shotgun? No, probably not. But hats off to Iraqveteran8888 for testing it out in a video for us.

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