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Shoot Better Groups: Tru-Fire's Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Release

Tru-Fire Archery release

With a great feel, sturdy design, and multiple adjustments for those control freaks, Tru-Fire's Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution release is a dynamite choice for serious archers.

I have been bowhunting for just over a decade now. Falling more and more in love with it every year, and every year taking my equipment choices more seriously. For those 10 years of bowhunting, I have used nothing other than a wrist release with a finger trigger.

A few times over the years I had tried to step out of my comfort zone and fling a few arrows with a back tension release or thumb release. But just a few shots in, I would quickly go back to the old faithful wrist release. The others felt strange and I was very inconsistent.

But, as I become more passionate and obsessive about my gear I wanted to revisit a more advanced release.

Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution

I ended up choosing the Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution. If I'm being honest, at first I was not a big fan, simply because it was out of my norm and I hadn't gave it much of a chance. But after a few weeks, and many shooting sessions, I have become comfortable and groups have substantially gotten tighter.

Has anyone tried a thumb release before?

Posted by Outdoors HQ on Thursday, September 21, 2017

Minimal movement, smooth release, and improved groups...what more could you ask for.

4 Finger Advantage

This release is a handheld thumb release aid that is very well built and designed, and it fits well in the hand.

This compact release has placements for all four fingers, allowing for great stability and balance.

I have always heard many tournament archers insist that more fingers means more torque on the string. That might be the case, but for an avid bowhunter, I think this is a great thing to have.

Having all four fingers on the release allows for easier drawback and gives you balanced leverage to stay at full draw longer in my opinion.

True-Fire archery release

As you know, many hunting situations require full draw for prolonged periods of times. The four finger design fits well and it somewhat becomes just part of your hand, rather than being just a release.

360 Rotating Head

A newer feature on the Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution is the 360-degree rotating head. This is a very important feature that many release aids have lacked over the years.

No matter what position your hand or body gets in, the release is always going to find itself in a balanced position without torquing your bow because of the rotating head.

The 360 degree rotating head on the Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution release is an awesome feature on a great product!

Posted by Ultimate Outdoors on Thursday, September 21, 2017

There is the option of locking it in place with a set screw, but I wouldn't necessarily ever do that. The rotating capabilities will naturally find the correct balance for great accuracy every shot.

Adjustments Galore

For all you control freaks, this release has many adjustment settings to get exactly what you desire in a release. For myself, I personally don't need all of that. As a hunter I want a comfortable, well built, functional, shot that produces tight groups. But it is nice to know all these adjustments are there in case I would ever need them.

The release includes a five position thumb adjustment system, trigger travel adjustment, independent trigger pressure adjustment (that ranges from 6 oz to 50 oz), removable wrist lanyard, and is designed to fit both left and right hand shooters.

It's pretty impressive package for one release.

Tournament Archer Capabilities Designed for Bowhunters

Another reason I was always been scared to jump ship to a release like this is because they seemed to be more fit for a tournament shooter. But Tru-Fire designed this release with tournament archer capabilities but also adjusted it for the everyday bowhunter.

Handheld releases have never been a big hit for bowhunters because they can be easily lost and hard to keep track of during a hunt. The last thing you want is to have the moment you have been waiting for and your release no where to be found.

Tru-Fire archery releaseTru-Fire archery release

The Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution has a d-loop retainer built in so you can attach it to your bow's d-loop and leave it on until you are ready for the shot. Staying in tact during high gust of wind or anything else you may encounter. But, if you would rather have it on your wrist like a wrist release, they also have a built in lanyard that is adjustable so you have it within your hands grasp at all times.

Awesome features that are sure to please any hunter in some shape or form. The lanyard is easily removed with a screw if you don't want that on at all.


I can't urge this enough with a release like this. Your initial thoughts are almost always going to be negative if you have never used one. Change is hard, and these releases are so much different than your typical wrist finger release, that they will feel strange and almost uncontrollable.

By applying slight pressure to the thumb trigger, you will almost treat the release as a back tension release with the push and pull tactic to receive a surprise shot. With a lot of repetitions I have finally found myself comfortable and seen my groups tightening up from longer distances.

I would recommend this release to any person who takes bowhunting serious. But I would also encourage you to go to a local archery shop first and try many different releases to see what you think you like the most. Tru-Fire produces outstanding products, and this release is a prime example of that.

Good luck, and shoot straight.

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Shoot Better Groups: Tru-Fire's Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Release