police officer shot shootout taurus judge

Suspect With a Taurus Judge Ambushes Police Officer

When a criminal shoots this deputy, we're thankful he's only using a relatively ineffective weapon.

A pistol that uses .410 shotgun ammo has major "cool factor." I've always wanted to own one because it's different. But as you can see below, the pistol shotgun is not an ideal weapon.

The guys over at Active Self Protection put together a lesson based on a video taken by a police automobile video camera. The scene below involves an officer going after a suspect who was armed with the Taurus Judge.

Yes, this is a real officer-involved shooting that occurred in Troup County, County, GA, in January 2017. Viewer discretion is recommended.

As you can see in the clip, the officer does get shot, and he radios in his status after a few pellets hit him. The officer took shot to the shoulder, head and elbow. Thankfully, he was able to get in his car and drive to a safe location.

This video demonstrates the biggest problems with the pistol shotgun:

  1. The short barrel causes shot to be sprayed sporadically. So unless you're at extremely close range, most of the shot will miss the target.
  2. The .410 shell is not very powerful. The shot won't penetrate enough to do enough damage and isn't likely to immediately stop a threat.

At point-blank range, it could do some harm, but out much further and it's not as likely to stop anyone.

In this instance we are grateful as it appears that this criminal had the full intent to kill this police officer. He confidentially took aim and fired.

The officer was able to return fire and hit him in the shoulder. Even a shot in a non-lethal area was enough to swing the events of the fight and cause the threat to retreat. The video goes on to explain some additional useful information about the confrontation, such as having your firearm ready to shoot and using the surroundings.

The Taurus Judge is an interesting, unique gun that can be a blast to shoot and has its place in anyone's arsenal. However, if you want to take anything from this video, then make sure you think hard about using it for home or carry self defense.