Shocked Kitesurfer Doesn't Jump the Shark, He Jumps the Whale!

A kitesurfer was cruising the waves, minding his own business, when suddenly he surfed right over the back of a breaching whale! What are the odds?

Talk about close encounters. Seriously, what are the odds that you're a kitesurfer out enjoying a little topwater cruising, when suddenly, a humpback whale breaches right in front of you and you make the jump right over its back?

That's exactly what happened to this fellow. And his expressions of shock and disbelief are both funny and entirely understandable.

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He turns his head back and forth, trying to see what he thinks he just saw. "Was that whale? Did I just jump a whale?! Holy smokes, I just jumped a whale!"

He covers his mouth and puts his hands to his chest in surprise. And who can blame him? He's surely the only guy on the planet who has ever kitesurfed over the back of a breaching humpback whale.

This little experience (or gigantic, amazing, and shocking experience, depending on how you look at it) highlights the benefit of everyone having cameras and filming their experiences. Of course, it's not the same as actually being there, but it's still pretty darn cool to see it happen and witness his reaction.

Next video, we want to see a kitesurfer jump two whales! Or jump over a pod of feeding whales. Evil Knievel rides the waves!

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