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Drone Captures Aerial View of Humpback Whales in Feeding Frenzy

A large number of humpback whales engage in feeding on massive schools of herring. The amazing footage is captured by drone camera.

Wildlife photographer and filmmaker Patrick Dykstra was in the fjords of Norway following herds of feeding humpback whales. The whales have grouped together to dine on giant schools of herring. Dykstra admitted that he'd never seen so many whales in one place.

Dykstra also filmed the whales using a drone, enabling him to capture the pods of whales herding the herring into inescapable situations. The lunging whales swallow vast numbers of the fish along with huge quantities of water.

The whales use their tongues and baleen plates to filter the water out while keeping the herring in. They also communicate with one another to work together to attack the herring, like a wolf pack working to separate and run down a weak member of a herd.

The clarity of the water in the Norwegian fjords creates a unique opportunity for the drone's camera to clearly capture the hunting and feeding methods of the whales, both as a group and individually.

Given the unusual numbers of humpback whales feeding in the area, Dykstra plans to lead an expedition into the same area again later this year.

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Drone Captures Aerial View of Humpback Whales in Feeding Frenzy