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Shine Some Holiday Red and Green With These Laser Sights and Grips

These laser sights and grips from Crimson Trace will light up your gift giving season.

If you're trying to give the gift of safety and security this holiday season, then firearm grips, sights, and lights would make for an affordable way to surprise any pistol owner.

If you've used pistol laser sights, then you know how valuable a tool they can be for firearm owners. When you're ready to browse the best of the best, check out Crimson Trace.

From the company that specializes in in-line upper-grip-mounted red and green laser units, trigger-guard mounted sights, and training units, here are some ideas that would make for great gifts this holiday season.

Rail Master

Work your corners. Shown: The versatile and powerful CMR-204 Rail Master® Pro.

Posted by Crimson Trace on Saturday, April 20, 2019

These powerful, universal-fit Rail Master laser sights will go on any rail-equipped pistol, rifle, or shotgun. They come in red, green, or white tactical light colorations, and are easy to install without any specialized tools. The newer Rail Master Pro line ups the ante with brighter lasers, instant activation, and more than two hours of battery life. Additionally, it's able to combine the tactical light and the laser in one unit.


"Seat's taken."Shown: LG-422G Laserguard® for SIG SAUER P365

Posted by Crimson Trace on Sunday, August 4, 2019

Polymer-framed defensive pistols have a specialized group of laser sights in the Laserguard line. They aren't as universal as the Rail Masters, so you'll need to match your gun model with the plethora of choices Crimson Trace offers.


Happy Birthday to the timeless 1911.Love always, Crimson Trace

Posted by Crimson Trace on Thursday, February 14, 2019

The beauty of a Lasergrip replacement is that they're activated seamlessly each time the gun is handled. They add no extra bulk and very little extra weight to the gun, meaning there's little to no adjustment when you add them on. Again, you'll need to match them to a specific gun, but all the most popular brands and models should be covered.

Tactical Lights

The versatile and powerful CMR-204 Rail Master® Pro Universal Green Laser + Tactical Light system - on sale now! Regular $379.00 // Now $289.99.

Posted by Crimson Trace on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Brighten things up when it matters most with Crimson Trace's line of tactical lights. These add the versatility and effectiveness that can up the safety level, especially when combined with a laser sight.

Perhaps the best part of giving a gift from Crimson Trace is that it keeps on giving because the company provides free batteries for life. Any time the power runs out on a registered Crimson Trace item, owners can just fill out the order form and they'll get the correct batteries sent straight to them.

It's just the icing on top of an already awesome way to tell someone you care.


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Shine Some Holiday Red and Green With These Laser Sights and Grips