8 Best Stocking Stuffers for the Gun Lover Who Has Everything

Stuff the stocking of a gun lover with these items, and you'll be gifting them the type of things they've always needed, but probably never realized.

It's tough to buy gear and accessories for gun enthusiasts, mainly because they can be particular about what they use for different purposes. Whether it's range gear, maintenance supplies, or organizational tools, there's always a little bit of doubt that they don't already have it, or that they'll even get much use out of it.

We wanted to help make these kind of decisions easier with our stocking stuffer gift guide full of items that, chances are, most gun lovers don't already own.

Take these into consideration, and you might just wind up stuffing a gift into a stocking that gets great use for years to come.

1. Recoil  Shield

Sometimes gun owners ignore all the possible ways to make shot after shot a little more pleasant. Help them ease up on their shoulder with a Super Mag Plus Recoil Shield from Caldwell, and they can extend their sessions that much more.

2. Eyes and Ears Belt Clip

If they've been shooting for a long time, odds are the person you're buying gifts for has lost their share of safety glasses or ear protection because they misplaced them. This inexpensive Eyes and Ears Belt Clip should help prevent that from happening again.

3. Shooting Gloves

They aren't always among the first things a shooter considers buying, but a nice set of Caldwell Shooting Gloves will be well received by anyone who spends time on the range.

4. Magazine Magnet

Meant for storing extras in a vault or safe, the Magazine Magnet is an ingenious accessory that will have them wondering why they didn't own it sooner. It's a new product from Lockdown, the leaders in firearm organization accessories.

5. Handheld Magnifier with LED Light

If they've ever done any extensive work on their own firearms, then gun owners will know how small certain parts can be. That's why a Handheld Magnifier like this one from Wheeler would make a great stocking stuffer. It includes an extra-strong LED light and a carrying case.

6. Compact Tactical Rifle Cleaning Kit

Maybe they already own a large, all-inclusive kit, but a Compact Tactical Rifle Cleaning Kit makes a lot of sense for folks who need to make quick adjustments at the range or in the field. It's large enough to include the essentials, but small enough to be easily transported, not to mention get shoved in a stocking on Christmas morning.

7. Wind Meter

If you are buying gifts for a shooter that really wants to take it to the next level, consider a wind meter like this Wind Wizard II from Caldwell. It's designed to be both compact and portable, but still indicates wind speed as quickly and accurately as a meter that costs twice the price.

8. Bore Solvent

Sure, a shooter who's been at it long enough probably has some Bore Solvent, but it's the sort of thing you can never really have enough of. The Truly Remarkable Bore Solvent from Tipton doesn't just have a catchy name, it delivers on its promise. It's the most aggressive bore solvent currently available, and works fast to save time.

Odds are these are the kind of gifts any gun enthusiast would be happy to receive, but wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves.

That's what makes them great to give; they get good use, and are just what someone needs whether they realize it or not.