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Flock of 200 Sheep Invade Man's Backyard as "Sea of Wooly-White Intruders"

This is adorable. In fact, I think 200 sheep on a pasture or in someone's backyard is a wonderful problem to have! Apparently, this guy doesn't think so! There wasn't any sheepish behavior going on that afternoon. (Yes, I had to throw in a pun of some kind).

The moral to the story is don't leave your gate open when sheep are in the areaFox News tells us the real story about Scott Russo's plan that day,

"The town of Lincoln, Calif., uses thousands of sheep and goats to prepare for the fire season by cutting down the vegetation. Scott Russo thought it would be a good idea to try and give his daughters a close-up look at the animals. Unfortunately, when he opened his gate, the herd flocked into his yard, turning it into a sea of wooly-white intruders."

It was all fun and games before the sheep started to pour into their yard through the gate!

Russo first attempted to scare them out of the yard. Better to use a Border Collie next time!

Although his second attempt to move them along à la "Pied Piper " worked well so what do we know! Maybe he should have just called out ba-a-a and they would have followed?

Sheep really did invade the family's backyard! If you take a closer look, it looks like the sheep were secretly having fun! While Russo, the owner of this video, looked fairly freaked out about the flock of sheep! Who wouldn't, right?

We're certain that when the town of Lincoln, California releases 200 sheep again they will all keep their gates closed. If there is another situation than a trusted professional should be consulted. Better to use a professional than approach this as a do it yourself type situation!

If sheep invade a family's backyard again we'll write a story about it. "Sheep invade family's backyard" is breaking news we love to report on! Every news outlet picked this story up including KTXL and CNN.

In 2016, it was reported by the Sacramento Bee that 1,300 sheep invaded the town of Huesca. The background color is a little dark but you can see those sheep marching along! Perhaps the full forecast for days the sheep are roaming has to start with a full moon. 

The duration time of Russo's video runs about 3 minutes long and it's worth watching all the way to the end. Set up notifications to receive more videos from Russo! We did!

What would you do if this happened to you? Would you call a sheepherder to come over with their Border Collies? Please leave us a comment below!

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