Shed Hunting Hawaii
YouTube: Eric Chesser Outside

Shed Hunters in Hawaii Find Axis Deer Antler With Broadhead Embedded In It

Shed hunting in Hawaii can be productive.

When one thinks of ideal shed hunting destinations, we are betting that Hawaii is near the bottom of the list most hunters would consider visiting. The island chain usually conjures up images of volcanoes, sand and surf and not dropped antlers. However, there is a healthy population of Axis deer on the island and they leave behind plenty of sheds.

Today, Eric Chesser, who you may know better from the YouTube channel HUSHIN, is visiting the Aloha State to search for these antlers. As you'll see, it's a totally different style of shed hunting, but they end up finding quite a few of them.

However, the coolest find of the day is a matched set with a broadhead embedded in the beam. Unbelievably, they also later find the arrow that seems to match it!

Some unlucky hunter is probably still heartbroken over having blown the shot at such a nice Axis buck. We can only imagine the pain when that arrow smacked into that beam instead. It had to be loud. We think they are correct, that arrow shaft seemed to be too good of a match for it to be coincidence. Talk about a great conversation piece!

As we have seen from Eric in the past, he is a good shed hunter, but the unique shape of the Axis deer antlers seems to have thrown him off a little. The antlers of these deer lay on the ground a little flatter than those of a mule deer or an elk. Boy, flying to Hawaii to look for antlers in the sun and warmth sounds a lot better than the freezing cold I'm experiencing here in Michigan right now. Who would have thought Hawaii would be a good place to shed hunt?

Even though Eric said the broadhead antler was the find of the trip, we're still looking forward to seeing what else they found on this adventure. We may put a shed antler trip to Hawaii on our bucket list for someday as a result of this video.

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