Shed Antler Prank
YouTube: KEO Vlogs

Hunter Fools His Buddies With Planted Shed Antler Prank

This shed hunting prank is cruel but hilarious at the same time.

As we start to get into the winter months, the minds of many deer hunters are shifting from harvesting the animals themselves to locating their shed antlers and late season scouting efforts. Because hard work now can pay off next season with a giant buck on the ground. We just love scouring our favorite hunting areas for white gold every season.

At least one shed hunter, KEO Vlogs on YouTube, found a way to have even more fun with shed hunting season. While at a gun show, he spies a giant shed antler for sale and decides to buy it.

He then places it strategically on deer trails in spots for his buddies to find. He films the whole thing and uses a vlog has an excuse to film the whole thing. This is super cruel, but incredibly funny to watch play out.

We have seen this style of prank before and it just never gets old. We think his first buddy was a bit skeptical from the get-go due to how bleached the antler was and the green stain on one side. Which makes sense. If this is a spot you search for sheds every year, it's going to make you wonder how you could have missed it the first time. At least he was a good sport about the whole thing.

Although we think he may have lost the chance at any more pranks with the second group he tried this prank on. That little kid was super excited to find that antler and he already said he's keeping it. Who's going to tell that kid no?

If you're looking for a way to get your buddies this spring, try getting your hands on a big shed antler and wait to see their reactions. Just watch out for any payback, because we're sure there will be some for a cruel prank like this!

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