shark shooting video

Shark Shooting Video Sparks Outrage, FWC Investigating

Just weeks after a disgusting shark dragging video went public, another act of alleged abuse has been uncovered.

In the latest act of alleged shark abuse caught on video, a fisherman is seen in cell phone footage shooting a caught hammerhead shark at least twice in the gills, instantly turning the water red with blood. The video, which was sent to South Florida animal activist Russ Rector by the one shooting the footage, has caused immediate public outcry - and in turn, state wildlife officials are investigating.

The nine-second video shows three anglers laughing as one uses a handgun to fire off shots. It is not clear where this video took place: while it is illegal to shoot a shark in Florida waters, it is legal in federal water farther out to sea.

The month of July saw two other videos in the same vein surface, one in which a group of men dragged a shark by its tail behind a boat at a high speed (read that story and watch the video HERE) while another showed a hammerhead shark being drowned in beer.

Although some news outlets have named the person who is believed to be the shooter in this case (an MTV reality TV star) the FWC has not officially revealed any identities.

We will update this story as new details emerge.

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