Sépaq Anticosti May Be the One True Hunter's Paradise

How often do you get a dream hunting trip like the one you can book for Sépaq Anticosti? 

Quick: How many hunting packages do you consider dreams, ones that have earned spots in your top choices for lifetime trips?

The answers likely vary widely, but quality whitetail deer hunting is almost certainly towards the top, as its undoubtedly our country's most popular game animal.

So where are those spots? Ever thought of the Canadian wilderness?

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Sépaq Anticosti Hunting Packages are almost too good to be true, and many Americans don't even realize there's such great hunting opportunities offered up by our neighbors to the north.

A true jewel of nature, the unspoiled hunter's paradise of Sépaq Anticosti is located in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Here are the specifics: two deer per hunter, transportation, meals, lodging, guiding service, and all the pertinent details covered, all starting at less than $2,750.

There are huge territories exclusive to each group of hunters, with obviously very high deer densities. We're talking an average of 37 square miles for each hunting party of four. That's unheard of in most of the United States, and nowhere else can you find so many quality deer.

What's more, it's a very affordable hunting trip, due in large part to the current Canadian exchange rate. Not only are you getting a warm welcome and an unforgettable sportsman experience, but your wallet's going to enjoy your time there, too.

Best of all, there are a variety of packages available, from the all included-guided American plan to the guided European plan. They're all backdropped by the beautiful landscape in an area of the world unlike any other.

What sort of hunting dreams do you have? If they're lined up with what Sepaq Anticosti is offering, you've got an exciting path ahead of you.