Here's Why Sépaq Anticosti Should Be on Your Short List of Hunting Trips

The Sépaq Anticosti area of Quebec, Canada holds some of your best odds at trophy deer hunting.

If you're the type of hunter who makes yearly trips each season, you're probably familiar with the common places known for deer. But you're also looking for worthiness, meaning a hunting trip that allows for two deer instead of just one should outweigh others.

Maybe you've eyed Ohio or Illinois as a potential destination. Maybe you've looked out west, and like the idea of mountainous terrain and thick forests. Maybe Alaska has been in your crosshairs, or you've always meant to head down to Texas.

No matter where you've hunted (or wanted to hunt), odds are you're not so familiar with one specific area, but it has one of the highest deer densities in North America, provides unprecedented access and land (up to 40 square miles per hunting group), and a two deer allowance per hunter.

Sépaq Anticosti, a region of Quebec, Canada that promises the kind of deer hunting you can only dream about.

Ready for the ultimate prize? After watching that, you likely are.

And the best part? It's far more reasonably priced than you'd imagine.

ON Deer Island, as it's affectionately known, the animals there have ultimate seclusion in their own portion of the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence. No predators (except for hunters!) let them thrive in the amazing hunting grounds that range from deep spruce forests, wet, wide marshes, and even oceanside landscapes.

It's also worth mentioning the fact that Sépaq Anticosti is truly a land of nearly endless hunting opportunities. The vast territories and high deer density makes it a perfect spot to experiment, still-hunt, and track deer. If you miss, you know you'll almost certainly get another chance. This is the sort of place that can help you become a better hunter with only one trip.

September and October hunts last six days and seven nights, include a flight from Mont-Joli, room and board, fine dining, a 4x4 truck, an ATV, and an experienced guide. All that can be yours for the starting price of $2,603 per hunter.

Not too shabby, especially if you compare that to many of the top North American hunting trips.

If you need more convincing, be sure to visit Sé to find out all you need to know. Sépaq Anticosti should be on your targeted list of deer hunting destinations, and the best way to prove it is to experience it yourself.