Senior Dog Can't Jump, Uses Stairs With Human Sister's Help

When a senior dog can't jump on the bed, her human sister teaches her to use the stairs in awww- worthy video.

Older dogs have a hard time getting around and doing the activities they loved growing up. Their back legs don't always work as they used to, which makes things like jumping a little more difficult. It is hard for us dog owners to watch our pups age and deal with things like joint pain and mobility issues. The solution? If a senior dog can't jump, use stairs!  This senior dog could no longer jump onto the bed like she used to, so her human sister taught her how to climb down stairs.

Senior Dog Can't Jump, Uses Stairs Instead

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Larger dogs can have a hard time getting around as they age. Sometimes, they are dealing with joint problems, hip dysplasia, or they may be limping. Either way, getting older can greatly affect their quality of life. As pet owners, this transition in our dog's life can be very hard to watch.

Reddit user Shizaitseliza posted a video of her mom's dog Weeble working on getting used to the stairs for the first time. With a little positive reinforcement and some tasty treats, this old dog learned to use stairs to get to her favorite spot on the bed, showing that no matter the dog's age, a dog can still learn something new. This 16-year-old girl isn't going to let her old age slow her down — This pup can learn some new tricks!

One Reddit user commented, "Awww, sweet old lady." While another said, "Look at that tail go!" AlohaTiger commented, "The problem with all those steps is that the run is too short. Dogs needing steps usually have arthritis or cancer-causing enough discomfort, so shortening their stride can exacerbate that pain. Each step needs to be about 1.25 to 1.5 longer and make sure they are really stable. A good handyman can make a set in a little over an hour, covered with carpet. Yes, they take up more space, but it's an easy sacrifice. Good doggie!" Even though this senior dog can't jump, using stairs looks like it's going to become second nature.

Another solution, if you are worried about the length of stair treads, is to get your pup a dog ramp with a gradual incline. This also may be a better solution for small dogs since they have short legs and may be apprehensive about using pet stairs. If your dog does not like the pet ramp the first time, try again with treats and some positive reinforcement. If your senior dog cant jump, using stairs can be a viable option. But have some patience — It takes adult dogs a little longer to adapt to new things.

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