Mauser 98

See How a Vintage Mauser 98 Works in This Video Animation

Watch how a vintage German Mauser 98 bolt action rifle functions, from loading to firing, in this sweet video cutaway animation.

The German Mauser 98 - or simply Mauser or M98 - was and is a simple, extremely reliable, safe and intelligently designed bolt action rifle that was manufactured from 1898 to 1935. Its service longevity speaks volumes to just how effective and reliable this rifle was.

This video animation of a Mauser 98 in operation highlights its simple mechanism design and shows the rifle from a few different vantage points. It's tough not to admire the skill and forethought behind the production of this iconic rifle.

One of the few problems with the Mauser was that it could not be mass produced very cheaply or very easily. Still, around a million Mausers were manufactured, and its use transcended the field of battle. The Mauser was and in many cases still is a popular sporting rifle, with many being converted or simply used as is for hunting.

The rifle's design was so successful that a modified, shorter version of the original Mauser was produced by the Germans up to World War II, and in its updated form - the Karabiner 98 kurz - became the standard service rifle by the German Wehrmacht in 1935.

The animation shows the rifle being is loaded via a brass five round stripper clip pushed into an internal magazine. It shoots the powerful 7.92?—57mm cartridge. 

For military arms aficionados this video should be required viewing. It is for me, as my father happens to own a vintage Mauser 98 in great though slightly used condition. It is a prized part of his gun collection. I often wonder what tales the rifle could tell.

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