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Restoring a WWII 1903a3 .30-06 to Its Original Condition


Shawn Woods restores his grandfather's WWII 1903a3 .30-06 rifle from its current sporterized version back to the original, WWII format.

Shawn Woods has a beautiful rifle that his grandfather had acquired after WWII. It's a 1903a3 .30-06 that was sporterized to conform to a modern big game hunting rifle format.

He wants to restore it to its original condition, and he rolled camera to capture the process.

This rifle was made by Remington as a way to pick up the slack and supply soldiers with weapons when the more slowly produced M1 Garand was in short supply.

In his effort to restore the rifle to its original WWII condition, Woods discovered that he need more than 40 separate parts to accomplish the task.

So he began to acquire the necessary pieces by going to gun shows and looking online, including acquiring an original scant grip stock for $75. He also used a military take-down tool to do most of the work.

He goes through the removal of the scope, stock and each of the screws and non-original pieces with the take-down tool. Then he reassembles everything with original hardware using the same tool. He even attaches a bayonet to the rifle.

He covers every minor detail, and this video could serve as a how-to tutorial on how to restore a rifle just like this one.

After finishing the restoration Woods used the rifle to bag a nice mule deer buck during the hunting season. Here's the video of his hunt:

"It performed perfectly," he said. "The gun just shot so straight. The bullet hit right behind the shoulder and put this deer down instantly. It was a clean, quick kill."

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Restoring a WWII 1903a3 .30-06 to Its Original Condition