See How an Elk Call is Made with Randy Newberg

This is how an elk call is made, one at a time, with craftsmanship and care in America.

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls and Randy Newberg give us a grand tour of how an elk call is made from start to finish; and the best thing it's out of a small shop right in America.

I don't know about you, but I want the people who make my calls, be it duck, goose or elk, to actually be hunters themselves. Not some faceless entity out of a mass factory overseas somewhere. I like to know my revenue is going towards good jobs in North America.

Little did I know there were so may intricate steps in the making of an elk mouth call, with a few secret steps thrown in to make these ones unique. With me and two buddies in the New Mexico elk tag draw for next fall I need to add a call to my gear so you can be sure I will be picking up one from Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls.

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