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Facebook Screenshot: Denver 7

Security Camera Catches a Deer, a Bear, and a Cougar Visiting This Colorado Patio in One Day

This Colorado home had a literal parade of animals one evening!

Here at Wide Open Spaces, we see a lot of security camera footage. Some of it is funny, some of it is scary, and some of it is sad. Some of it is just downright amazing. Today's footage falls into the latter category.

This footage, captured by the security camera of Herb and Jessica Saperstone, captures a literal parade of wildlife through the couple's porch area last week. A deer, a mountain lion, and a black bear all visited the same patio within two hours of one another!

It's one of those crazy things you would not believe unless you saw the video. Denver 7 News shared the video on their Facebook page, and it is something else to watch.

This footage was captured near the Horsetooth Reservoir outside Fort Collins, an area that is rich with wildlife, as you clearly saw here!

It is by no means unusual to capture wildlife on a security camera. Ever since these things started getting cheaper and cheaper, they have grown significantly in popularity. Especially in remote areas where they bring a little extra peace of mind. We have seen videos of coyotes, families of mountain lions and plenty of videos of bears breaking into human residences. However, to see three different species walk through the same location in such a short time frame is something else entirely.

It is worth noting that this area of Colorado is experiencing some wildfire activity right now. It seems likely these animals were displaced and just trying to find a safe place to flee. When the woods are burning, they go to where there is no fire, and that is going to be closer to humans.

We're sort of jealous of the Saperstones having all this wildlife in their backyard. It would be great to be this close to nature on a regular basis. So long as the animals can find safety and usually leave human residences alone of course.

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