muskie attack
Wendy Haldorson/Screenshot

Second Muskie Attack in 2 Months on Minnesota's Island Lake

This Minnesota lake is becoming infamous for run-ins with aggressive muskie.

Paige Dougherty might think twice about dangling her feet in Minnesota's Island Lake, or at the least, doing so without wearing an ankle bracelet next time.

The twenty-two-year-old became the second victim in as many months of a muskie attack September 3, and she has the wounds and lacerations to prove it.

The young woman was bitten on the foot Sunday afternoon. She was wearing a shiny ankle bracelet at the time, and the family reports they did have a catch of fresh walleye tied to the dock and dangling in the water as well.

Whether the muskie was attracted to the area by the promise of an easy meal, how it wound up subsequently zeroing in the flashy gold jewelry is up to debate. What isn't, however, is the perpetrator:

"I looked down and everyone looked over and we saw a big muskie's mouth coming out of the water," Dougherty's mother Wendy Haldorson said.

The family estimates the fish was 40 inches in length.

We recently brought you the news of a muskie attacking 11-year-old Maren Kesselhon back on July 19. This little girl's injuries were much more severe and had many questioning whether an otter was possibly to blame. You can read that fascinating story here.

Could we be seeing a 'Jaws-themed' film coming from Island Lake in the near future? Anything's possible if these attacks continue to make headlines.

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