Sea Lion Perches on Car at Whidbey Island

This sea lion perched on a Honda at Whidbey Island serves as a prime example of growing interactions between humans and pinnipeds.

Onlookers stand with their cell phone cameras and take footage of a Sea Lion that perched itself on top of a Honda sedan, however, human interactions with pinnipeds aren't always playful.

Here's the astonishing video:

The video was taken in a shipyard on Whidbey Island. Later in the evening, (likely when the onlookers give the animal some space) the animal eventually makes it's way back to the water.

Beyond damaging property, sea lions have been known for stealing fish from angler's lines, even grabbing fish from the dock and dragging people underwaterOther incidents, such as a man and his stepson being tipped over on their stopped jet ski near Willamette Falls are becoming more commonplace.

The necessity of predator management in the Northwest has drawn criticsm in light of problematic conditions for conserving wild salmon. The Puget Sound is no exception, and has had it's own fair share of difficulties with predator management and conservation of wild salmon and steelhead species. A study from the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences says that pinnipeds are responsible for diminishing returns by 162,000 adult chinook annually. According to fisherynation.com, that's "twice the number eaten by killer whales and roughly six times as many as caught in Puget Sound by tribal, commercial and recreational fishers combined."

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