Scuba Tanks
YouTube: Demolition Ranch

.50 BMG Fired at Full Scuba Tanks Leads to Spectacular Results

This is what would really happen if you shot a scuba tank with a gun.

Remember that iconic scene at the end of the original "Jaws" movie where Roy Scheider blew up the shark by shooting the scuba tank that was in its mouth? That was an awesome scene and really made the end of an exciting movie even better.

However, did you ever wonder what would really happen if you were to shoot a full scuba tank? Well, that's what Demolition Ranch is here to find out. Today, he's teaming up with another one of our favorite YouTubers, Jiggin' with Jordan, to shoot full scuba tanks using a variety of different calibers.

As you can already guess, a shooting test like this is extremely dangerous. Do not try this experiment at home.

This was one of the more fun Demolition Ranch experiments we've seen in a while. Albeit a very dangerous one. Still, it was a ton of fun to watch those scuba tanks go flying like a balloon losing air.

Unfortunately, the blown-up shark scene just turns out to be more Hollywood make-believe. That said, you still don't want to be anywhere near a scuba tank one it is hit with a bullet. Those things flew around wildly after being hit and could easily injure someone standing in the vicinity.

This is what Matt does best though, answering the Internet's most burning questions about firearms and their capabilities. We admit that we were a bit surprised at how well some of the tanks hold up to gunfire. They are not nearly as fragile as one may believe. They certainly were not at risk of blowing up either.

However, the most impressive part of this vehicle was the last tank perfectly catching and preserving the .50 BMG round in the side. What are the odds of that happening? Overall, the lesson here is that while they won't explode, it's simply a bad idea to shoot scuba tanks. Try to find a safer target for your next trip to the range.

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