Facebook: Safari Club International - SCI

SCI Has Officially "Triggered" Anti-Hunters With Their New Commercial

No wonder the anti-hunting crowd hates the SCI. There's no one more pro-hunting than them.

There's nothing like a little triggering to give a protestor a piece of their own medicine. Safari Club International, the organization that does more for hunting than any other, is going all in with their new commercial spot, which you can see below and on Outdoor Network and Sportsman Channel in the coming weeks.

It's already garnered viral-level views since debuting Tuesday on Facebook.

Watch this video, and you'll see pretty quickly how SCI is getting its message across.

Think that will have an impact?

As the 48th annual SCI Convention kicked off in Reno, Nevada, Safari Club International took advantage of the timing to spearhead their recent marketing campaign.

There's no doubt about it: They are taking their battle against the anti-hunting agenda seriously.

SCI, like a lot of those trying to conserve hunting's history and heritage, knows there's no reasoning with the extremist anti-hunting movement. But if you consider that support for SCI, by becoming a member and learning more about what they do. Even the name, Safari Club International, doesn't give the full idea of what they've been able to accomplish here, in America, for everyday average hunters.

It's not just about the exotic African hunting trips or the money raised via high-dollar auctions.

It's the public land they've helped Americans access, the judicial support they've given hunters and hunting's cause, and the rights they've worked to protect for everyone in the hunting community.

In other words, they're supporting you as a hunter, no matter where, when, or how you do it.

The new commercial is just the beginning of an overall campaign that should continue to stir up the antis, cause some debate and discussion, and ultimately push forth the pro-hunting agenda to continue fighting for its survival and future.