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Scent Crusher's Scent Elimination and Ozone Control... for a Turkey Hunt? Here's Why it's a Good Move

Scent Crusher

Scent Crusher has taken the whitetail world by storm, but why does a scent elimination product come in so handy at turkey camp?

If you follow the hunting industry via network shows or social media, chances are you have seen the buzz on Scent Crusher's amazing product line. If you haven't, you must live under a rock. But, with ozone technology, Scent Crusher is using their product line to rid bacteria on your hunting gear and ultimately lead to more frequent whitetail encounters.

But turkey camp? Why would Scent Crusher products be found in so many turkey hunters' arsenals? That's a great question that I will try to help answer.

Scent Crusher
Colton of CB Outdoors and Dustin of Top Pin Outdoors with their Rio's from Hooray Ranch on Scent Crusher's writers hunt.

In a previous article regarding a turkey hunt I attended at the Hooray Ranch in Kansas, I briefly mentioned a conversation I had with an old-timer who had killed hundreds of turkeys in his life. He said it was a good thing that turkeys could not smell, otherwise we would never kill any and his favorite hobby would not exist. If you have ever hunted turkeys, you know they can hear a call from a long ways, and they can see like nothing else on this planet, picking up the slightest movements.

Scent Crusher

But as I reiterate that point, you are thinking, so why on earth is Scent Crusher's scent elimination technology important for turkey hunting then? Well, to explain, I have to relive my Kansas Hooray hunt experience.

Have you ever dragged in multiple Cherokee decoys, a blind, a gun, and moved to multiple setups in hunting gear in the late spring heat of 80-degree Kansas weather? If not, it leads to some drenched clothes and some profound odors. The hot weather turkey hunting stench can be pretty strong. It seems spring turkey hunting will often lead you to over dressing because it is a tad chilly in the morning, but heats up quick once the sun finds the sky.

But once returning to camp, I would simply toss my gear, clothes, socks and whatever else smelled like an armpit into my Scent Crusher Ozone Bag and let it go to work. I never had to worry about a washer or dyer, yet the clothes smelled like they just came off the shelf. When the morning rolled around, my clothes were rid of bacteria and smelled as if they had been freshly washed. And away we went, off to the next hunt, leaving the Hooray Ranch gates in the Kansas dust.

Scent Crusher

So, when people and you saw that Scent Crusher was so involved in this turkey hunt and wondered why that was the case when turkeys are not known for their smelling capabilities, now you know.

Trust me, if you head out for a hunting trip with all your pals and they smell like a dead animal at camp after a few days of hunting while you're walking around odorless, you will have people asking questions.

The Scent Crusher products have so many more perks than just success in whitetail woods. Turkey camp, hockey gear, your spouse's stinky shoes, kid's football gear... the buzz is real, and you need to join in!

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Scent Crusher's Scent Elimination and Ozone Control... for a Turkey Hunt? Here's Why it's a Good Move