scent crusher ata show 2017

Scent Crusher Releases New Products at the 2017 ATA Show

Scent Crusher, the company that helped so many hunters go undetected by big bucks in 2016, has some new products for 2017.

If you are like me, you know what it's like to be scent conscious. I have killed several deer in my lifetime as a hunter, and (most of the time) the ones I never killed were downwind.

That was until 2016 when Scent Crusher came to the market and offered us their odor causing bacteria destroyer line. I ended up with a roller bag, a duffle bag and of course the ozone go for the car. All of these products proved to work for me in my 2016 season, oftentimes leaving me literally shaking my head in disbelief watching deer downwind of me.

As I headed out to the 2017 ATA Show in Indianapolis, I saw that Scent Crusher was showing off some of their new equipment. As I walked to one of the busiest booths of the entire ATA, I stopped Dan Drake and asked him to show me a little of what he had coming out for 2017.

If you missed the article on the Scent Crusher Grenade, click here. Outside of that, you may have noticed the tote and the equipment station.

Now both items were available in 2016. I own the equipment station and boot dryer myself, and I''l attest it does exactly what Dan says it does. It blows warm air, unlike some boot dryers that only blow room temperature air. In addition, it also adds the Scent Crusher twist and introduces ozone. So if you have a wet, smelly bag or pair of gloves, or just want to dry and kill the scent from the inside of your boots, the Scent Crusher Equipment Station works great for that.

As for the tote, people were constantly asking Dan and Scent Crusher to give them something they could put in their garage or in the back of their trucks. I know I'd love to get my hands on one of the Scent Crusher closets for the offseason, but during the season my gear is everywhere, from the back of my truck to my garage to anywhere you can think of. It's waterproof, durable, and if you set it over the top of an oil stain, you don't have to worry about it seeping into your bag, or worse, into your gear.

All the products are available on Scent Crushers website as well as Amazon and elsewhere. Be sure to check them out to increase your chances at a big buck come this hunting season.

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