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Scent Crusher Field Pro is Here Just in Time for Hunting Season

The Scent Crusher Field Pro is something hunters have anticipated for a while, and now we can finally put our hands on one.

Scent Crusher is one of the leading experts in the hunting industry in terms of ozone. Backed by NASA technology, Scent Crusher aims to put safe, high-quality ozone generating products in the hands of hunters. There was a time when many products targeted eliminating odors from gear, but now hunters can eliminate their odor in the field with the new Scent Crusher Field Pro and Field Lite.

Hunters are now able to take the Scent Crusher Field Pro to treestands and ground blinds as part of their scent control regiment.

We previously performed a gear review on the ozone gear bag and that review is outlined here. The gear bag is designed in orange or Realtree camouflage.


Scent Crusher Field Pro

The new Field Pro from the scent-elimination product line comes equipped with vent ports on both the front and sides. The ports display 270 degrees for better coverage. Additional specs include a near-silent circulation fan and a LED tri-colored lighting with three options. Similarly, it contains a six-plus-hour battery, cycle times, USB output port and carry case. Finally, it comes with a wall and car adapter, as well as a mounting kit. The details for all of these specs are found here.

The quiet fan generates 65 percent more ozone output, and provides better coverage than "any other product on the market."

It doesn't stop there, though. First, the LED light comes in green for big-game hunting, red for predator hunting and white for all other uses. Secondly, the USB port allows to charge other devices when the unit is powered off. The mounting kit is equipped with all the necessities, including the tree screw, tree arm, blind mount and tree strap.

In addition to the all the tangibles that are included with the Field Pro, a two-year warranty is also included. Scent Crusher customer service is always willing to help customers in any way possible. I've been using Scent Crusher products for almost three years now, and the quality you receive, backed by research and technology, is second to none.

Next Steps

If you haven't added Scent Crusher to your hunting regiment, I encourage you to give it a shot. I started with the Ozone Go and gear bag. The camo gear bag is useful for carrying enough hunting gear that no other hunting bags are necessary. It's time to add one of these quality products to your wish list.

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