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Can You Guess What’s Scaring All the Deer Away?

Where did all the deer go?

Keeping deer fat and happy on your property is a big part of the off-season. So, one hunter was particularly peeved when an unknown creature started scaring off the deer on his land. You’d assume it’s some kind of predator, right?

YouTube user ivanmac12 is the hunter in question, who was determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. He set out onto his land to put up a camera to catch video of whatever it was. After a few days, he was finally successful in capturing footage of what’s been causing all of the trouble.

“Something has been chasing all the deer away and I finally got it on video,” the description read.

What you’ll see next may be hard to believe:

Sorry to get your hopes up for a Bigfoot sighting, but this is just your typical friendly house cat out for a walk. We imagine you’d be hard-pressed to find a house cat that could handle taking down a deer, but as we all know, these animals are spooked by the darnedest things, so we guess we’ll have to add “harmless feline” to the list.



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Can You Guess What’s Scaring All the Deer Away?