Feel What it's Like to be Stalked by a Bear

This is, without a doubt, one of the most terrifying pieces of bear footage we've ever seen.

Have you ever been stalked by a bear? Chances are that no, you haven't, but do you know what to do in that situation if it were ever to arise?

While we hope this never happens to you, there is no harm in being prepared, especially like the man in the video. This hiker was out in Saskatchewan exploring the woods near his campsite when a "brown" (brown-phase black) bear began to stalk him through the brush. The video below shows the bear encounter getting extremely close, especially at the end. During the ordeal the man says he is "about 400 meters from camp...". Watch for yourself to see what all our fuss is about.

WARNING: There's some strong language in the video.

In case you're wondering what happens after the camera goes off, this story had a happy ending for the hiker. The video, which was uploaded by the man's friend, came with the following update,

He gets close enough to camp where the bear can smell the food in the kitchen, he was then able to get a hold of the rifle and cap the mofo.....northern Saskatchewan for those of you wondering.... And it was a brown bear, not a [Grizzly]...

We're thankful that this man was able to escape with his life, but it is just further proof that no matter where you are in the woods, whether hunting or not, you should always carry a sidearm - just in case. Thought he mentions it as being a brown bear, it's more likely that it is a brown-phased black bear, as indicated by many of our fans.