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Confirmed 220-Inch Buck Shot Near Charity, Missouri

All images via Facebook/Bow-Dacious Outdoors 

Massive Missouri whitetail shot to initiate deer season across the nation. 

The 2016 deer season has kicked off in various parts of the country and like any other year, big bucks are being shot.

The first buck to catch the eye of the internet has arrived and I had the chance to call the hunter to confirm the details.


Darrell Collision is the archer who arrowed what could be the biggest Missouri whitetail shot this year with a bow.

Collision was hunting near Charity, Missouri when he harvested the 39-point Pope & Young buck. Charity is nestled in the south west region of Missouri and is near the border of Nebraska and Kansas.


Bow-dacious Outdoors TV originally posted the buck and have shared some of the details. Darrell shot the gigantic buck with a compound bow on September 17 at 6:30 p.m. 

The bladed tines and rack full of character tallied up an unofficial non-typical gross score of 220 4/8 inches and 208 1/8 inches.


The buck has 39 points, but only 29 points are scoreable under Pope & Young regulations.

When chatting on the phone Collision was brief with the details, but he confirmed the public details that were shared on Facebook. In short, a mega-giant whitetail has been shot in Missouri, and everyone will be eager to learn the full story of the legal hunt.

The Bow-Dacious team stated they will be releasing an interview and footage of the buck in a few weeks.

Congratulations to Darrell with the harvest of a world-class whitetail. The hunting world can’t wait to learn the details of the hunt.


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Confirmed 220-Inch Buck Shot Near Charity, Missouri