Neighbors Come Together to Save a Dog Buried by Tennessee Tornado

The tornado touched down in Clarksville and left devastation in its wake. 

Severe storms hit middle Tennessee Saturday night, creating an EF1 tornado that touched down in east Clarksville, about an hour north of Nashville. As tornadoes do, this one hit swiftly and left just as quickly, leaving a wake of destruction.

The National Weather Service Nashville issued a tornado warning on Sunday morning.

First responders and officials rushed to the scene to start digging residents of the Dotsonville community out from underneath a destroyed house. Fellow neighbors joined the efforts and were able to uncover a dog buried under the demolished home.

Sky 5 news reporting on the Tennessee tornado witnessed the power of community as 10 neighbors worked together to rescue a helpless dog.

The people in the clip work to move debris out of the way and make enough room to lead the black and white dog out from underneath. He blinks into the sunlight and looks miraculously unharmed, albeit a bit shocked and confused as he is led over the broken window frames, exposed rebar, and roofing panels.

The news reporters rejoice when it's confirmed that the dog has survived the ordeal. When the camera pans out to get the entire shot of the house it's incredible the dog made it out alive.

The tornado that hit Clarksville was part of a fierce storm system that ripped through Montgomery County destroying four homes and damaging several others, spanning a mile in downtown Clarksville, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. There have been no casualties reported even with the extensive damage.

"To look at what I'm looking at and know we didn't lose anybody is just a miracle," Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett told The Leaf Chronicle.

The storm traveled north where it developed into a EF-2 tornado and did claim the life of a 79-year-old woman in Logan County, Kentucky and an 83-year-old man in Arkansas.

Tennessee and the surrounding states usually see severe weather in late winter/early spring due to uncharacteristic cold fronts.

Mayor Durrett reiterated how happy he was that everyone survived the ordeal, including the dog.

"It's just a miracle nobody died."

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