Santa, Berkley Heading to California for Post-Christmas Fishing

On Dec. 27, Santa will be heading west to Long Beach, California to fish and help with improvements at El Dorado Regional Park.

Although Santa has a busy week ahead of him, he managed to carve out a little extra time for both fishing and wildlife conservation. Berkley recently held a contest through which it allowed participants to ask Santa to come to their very own fishing community to cast a line and contribute to a fishing project in need of some extra funds.

After narrowing down the towns and projects, Berkley landed on Long Beach, California, where Santa's sleigh will land with a bag full of fishing-focused gifts for the local community, as well as a big check for the Partners of Parks that will help facilitate renovations to El Dorado Regional Park.

Once he gets his fix on the water, Santa will join the town of Long Beach in celebrating the park's 50th birthday with a generous donation that aims to bring to bring it back to life.

The project will introduce improved youth programs, which will include an annual youth fishing derby. It also includes improvements to a 500-person campground for scouts and youth groups, as well as new trash cans and fishing line disposals.

"We are so excited to have Santa visit Long Beach and fish in our lake at El Dorado East Regional Park," said Executive Director for Partners of Parks Trinka Roswell. "This is a wonderful opportunity to educate our community and the nation about urban fishing opportunities in Long Beach and we look forward to educating park-goers about responsible fishing habits and conservation efforts."

Hartwell, Georgia, Huntsville, Alabama, Springfield, Illinois, and Panama City Beach, Florida, all finished in the top five destinations before Santa chose Long Beach.

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