The San Francisco 49ers Have the NFL's First Emotional Support Dog

Before we even begin unpacking this story, can we talk about how adorable this French bulldog is? This is the FIRST emotional support dog an NFL team has brought on board. What took so long? We have emotional baggage so why would football players be any different?

Here are some of the facts unveiled in the story reported by 

The San Francisco 49ers have brought in a one-year-old French bulldog named Zoë.

"The team's director of player engagement, Austin Moss, adopted Zoë after discussing therapy dogs and mental health with members of the team, including Solomon Thomas. Thomas has been open about his depression following the death of his sister Ella, who died by suicide in January 2018. Moss registered Zoë as an emotional support dog and is looking into certifying her as a therapy dog."

Going to the Frenchie's Instagram is a must for everyone. We fell in love after one post!

The entire story gets better and better. The French bulldog mainly hangs out with with the players when they come to see Moss in his office. The players may come after training and just need a snuggle!

I bet many other NFL teams follow their lead over the next few seasons. Thomas loves having Zoe in the office and finds it "really relaxing."

"49ers general manager John Lynch told The Athletic that he thinks it's good the players have time with Zoë and other dogs in the office, including Moss's sister's dog, Vito."

A lot of guys will benefit from having an emotional support dog at training camp and at practice. This is a stressful job and they're always worried about what's next like the playoffs!

How adorable is the emotional service dog they 'hired'?  Please let us know what you think in the below comments!

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