Kevin The Samoyed

Watch Kevin the Samoyed Sneak Into the Freezer to Beat the Heat

Hot weather can be difficult for dogs, because they can't run and play as much as they'd like without becoming overheated. But high temperatures are especially uncomfortable for long-haired and double-coated dogs. Many of these breeds, like huskies and Samoyeds, were bred to thrive in frigid temperatures and snowy climates. They certainly didn't have to deal with summer heat in the mountain ranges of places like Alaska, Russia, and Siberia! These days, some of the most popular pups in the world are cold-weather dog breeds and inevitably end up living in warmer climates.

Just look at Kevin, an adorable sammy who lives with his owner in Australia. This little floof looks like a giant cotton ball, so it's easy to see why he has thousands of followers on his TikTok page @Kevin_the_samoyed. (Who could resist the urge to pet that fluffy head?!) One of Kevin's viral videos shows him trying his best to find some cooling comfort in the heat. In the clip, the pup sits calmly outside the refrigerator and waits patiently for his owner to open the door to reveal his favorite chill spot: the "snow box."

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This smart little Samoyed likes to cool off in the freezer! Pretty clever, right? Since Kevin was still a puppy in the video, he could easily fit in the bottom compartment of the ice box, like a mini polar bear. As he expertly curls himself up to fit in the space, it becomes clear that this is not his first time hanging out there. While the sanitary nature of his nifty cooling spot and the cost of leaving the freezer door open was a topic of debate in the comments, you have to admit it's still pretty cute.

Some commenters also worried about dog breeds who come from cooler climates living in warmer weather, but dogs are exceptionally good at regulating their bodies and adjusting to different temperatures. Of course, all dogs have a risk of overheating when summer hits—but there are plenty of ways dog owners can help their pups cool off. A cooling dog mat is a great investment!

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Always be on the lookout for heatstroke in dogs and never, ever leave your dog in a hot car. And if you do let your pup explore the freezer, don't forget about them in there!

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