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Rut Daniels Heads to the Lake for Some Hilarious Bowfishing Antics

It turns out Rut Daniels is a heck of a bow fisherman!

Well, we are starting to get into the heart of summer now. Temperatures are rising and we can safely say that we are in the off-season for hunting. What is a die-hard bowhunter to do when he cannot get out and sling some arrows at some game?

Well, if you are the hilarious Rut Daniels of Catchin' Deers, you get out and do some serious bowfishing! Not that the self-proclaimed "greatest archer who ever lived" needs any more practice that is.

Still, Rut shows that the is one heck of a good fisherman as he boats several large carp while delivering the zany one-liners he has come to be known best for!

"Teach a man to fish and you'll never go hungry, shoot a carp with a bow you'll starve." We cannot stop laughing about that line. You must admit, he is not wrong with that one. Our other favorite line was the "Gut shot. Might have to give him time!"

It turns out that you can take Rut out of the deer woods, but you cannot take the deer woods out of Rut. Just like most of us, he truly lives and breathes for the fall.

In case this was your first Rut Daniels video, his real name is Bud Fisher. He is the brother of former NHL star Mike Fisher, who is married to Carrie Underwood. Fisher was also a star of the Nashville Predators for many seasons. In his retirement, Mike and his brother developed the "Rut" persona to help promote their hunting clothing line "Catchin' Deers." They even gave him a hilarious backstory about being an elite Olympic archer who had a fall from grace.

Rut has proven to be a great hit with hunters because everyone knows a guy who like Rut, provides an endless stream of one-liners for any outdoor situation he is in. We have to say, we liked seeing Rut in a totally new situation here. More Rut fishing videos please guys!

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