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Parody Hunter Hilariously Fills the Freezer With Big Buck That "Didn't Go 20"

Try not to laugh as "Rut Daniels" goes deer hunting.

Rut Daniels, for the uninitiated, is a fun-loving parody of a hunter created by one of the guys behind the brand Catchin' Deers, Bud Fisher. Rut Daniels is delivered with a lot of light-heartedness and humor. Fisher based the Rut Daniels character off of the "everyman" deer hunter. In this video, he brings the inspiration to life and harvests a nice buck on camera.

It starts out with Daniels at camp, going through his hunting bag and making some last-minute preparations for the hunt. He checks his location using Huntstand. He brings his bow outside to let an arrow fly at the target to make sure it's still accurate.

"If it's even close I'm happy," he said before letting it fling. It hits right in the center of the target. "That'll do. That'll do boys."

Rut chops firewood and brings it inside for the wood-burning stove. He sprays down with a scent-eliminating spray. Then the video cuts to Daniels in the hunting blind, with snow coming down and deer grazing about 23 yards in front of them. There are multiple doe and a couple of small bucks, but not his target buck. He sprays himself again with the scent-free spray and gives a chuckle.

"That one's for the ladies," he said. "For the does."

Finally Daniels target buck arrived and it was game on. He waited for the right moment and then sent a broadhead soaring, making a great shot.

Well, if there were any doubters, there should be none now. Old Rut brought that buck down quickly and cleanly. So, of course, he had to immediately yell his signature catch phrase: "Didn't go 20!" There were just so many hilarious lines in this one. "John said, 'How far do you want it, Rutster?' I said inside of 70 and I'm happy boys. But I'd prefer about 25."

We must give serious props to Rut's cameraman. We're not sure how Bud Fisher managed to stay in perfect character the entire hunt without the cameraman breaking multiple times and scaring all the deer away. We're already looking forward to seeing more of Rut's hunting prowess in future videos.

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