"Rugosa" is the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for the Survivalist in Your Life

Love, action, and survival makes Rugosa by Creek Stewart the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the survivalist in your life. 

Having a loved as a survivalist is a fantastic thing, they can often be hard to shop for. I mean what do you get the person who spends their lives preparing for everything? How about a great book? Here's why Rugosa is sure to be  hit.

Creek Stewart is already well known for his numerous books on survival and prepping. In between those he has been writing his first fictional novel. Now complete, it is ready to hit shelves this Valentine's Day.

Brief Synopsis

The book takes place in the future where America is no more. Disbanded, it is now under the oppressive rule of a new power called WUG. They have begun to systematically strip the land and people of all its resources. Killing or enslaving those who resist.

Omaha is a young man who has managed to avoid WUG control along with his family in the mountains of West Virginia. Omaha's already shaky life becomes worse when his beloved London leaves for Philadelphia. Things soon become complicated as she finds herself in grave danger when WUG moves in on the city.

Trained to survive by his military father and Indian grandfather, Omaha is about to put everything he has learned to the test. He must make a 400 mile journey through hostile lands with unknown dangers to find his love and bring her home.

I was lucky enough to receive a pre-release copy of Rugosa, and it didn't disappoint. Full of suspense and action around an act of true love, it will keep you on edge and wanting more. It really gets your mind going about what you would do if you found yourself in the some of the situations Omaha does.

This is the first book in what is going to be a three part series. You can get your hands on the second book late 2017.

Rugosa is sure to please any bookworm with a passion for survival. Jump on the list to get your survivalist loved one a copy today through Amazon. Digital copies will be available for $3.99 and paperback versions available for $14.95.  

For more information about the books release check out Creek's website or follow him on Facebook.

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