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Man Claims to Have Photographed West Virginia's Legendary Mothman


Has a West Virginia legend finally been caught on camera?

In the annals of cryptozoology, there's probably only one monster legend more iconic than Bigfoot in North America and that would be West Virginia's "mothman," a winged, flying, man-like creature that terrorized the small town of Point Pleasant back in the 1960s.

Now, an anonymous man is claiming to have recently seen the beast as it leapt from tree to along State Route 2 in Point Pleasant. And he's allegedly got the pictures to prove it!

WCHS Eyewitness News reports the man only recently moved to the Point Pleasant area when he spotted the creature while driving along State Route 2. He was able to pull over and get a few quick photos.

He further claims he didn't even know about the legend until after the photos were taken.

Mothman made world-wide headlines when the creature was originally sighted hundreds of times in 1966. The sightings died down in the area after the December 15, 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge in the area that cost the lives of 46 people.

The legend of mothman is sometimes connected to Silver Bridge and is considered by some locals to be an omen of bad luck.

Travis Smola

Whatever the case may be, the legend led to a book, a movie and a small but dedicated tourism industry in the small town.

Some internet skeptics are already claiming the photos are either a hoax or simply a bird being misidentified. Mothman Museum owner Jeff Wamsley told WCHS Eyewitness News it may be impossible to know for sure.

But some locals don't need anymore proof. "I definitely know the Mothman is real," Point Pleasant local Carolin Harris told the News Station.

What do you think? Is this proof of the mothman's existence? A misidentified known animal? Or simply a hoax?

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Man Claims to Have Photographed West Virginia's Legendary Mothman