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Dog Sitting: How I Feel About Rover Pet Care as a Dog Sitter

We live in a day and age where you can get paid to hang out with dogs. I've always dog sat for close friends and family, but I've recently extended my dog sitting services to Rover. If you've heard of Rover, you might be a skeptic. Leaving your dog with a stranger could be scary for some, but my experience with dog owners has been lovely, and I have great Rover reviews to prove it.

After losing my dog, I wanted to have a furry friend around from time to time. Luckily, my friends never hesitated to ask me to watch their pets for them. I became a trusted pet sitter for them, but I decided I should check out for some frequent dog sitting opportunities.


Allison Johnson

Not only do I dog sit to have a companion around, but I do enjoy the extra money. It allows me to add to my savings account while I sit on the couch and enjoy a lazy Netflix day with a pup! So far, I have only dog sat in my own home, but I am scheduled to house sit for a pet owner soon. If you're interested in becoming a dog sitter or starting a pet care business, follow along.

How to Make Money on Rover

Sign up for Rover as a sitter here.

Sign up for Rover as a dog owner seeking a sitter here.

rover app

Allison Johnson

First, download the Rover App or visit Once you fill out the necessary information, you'll need to pass a background check. It only took about two business days for mine to come through.

Once that's settled, ask friends or family to write you a pet sitting review. You need at least one, but the more, the merrier. (Dog owners love a lot of positive reviews). One thing that I didn't think about enough when signing up for Rover was establishing my own rate.

I should've boosted my rates a bit before booking my first stay as a Rover sitter. It's a lesson learned, but thankfully I was able to adjust after completing my first service. I read somewhere that you have to spend money to make money, and that's true.

You'll want to stock up on cleaning supplies. Dogs may be nervous about being in your home, so an accident may occur. Enzyme cleaner is a lifesaver, y'all! The first time I dog sat using Rover, my sweet four-legged friend did have an accident, but I was able to clean it up in time.

(What I'm getting down to is this: Don't feel guilty for raising your rate above $20, you'll be spending money on cleaning supplies after dog sitting).

After you have your rate set, the booking requests should come in quickly. Dog owners travel for work or take vacations often. You'll typically always have a pending request each week.

Before you book, be sure to do a meet and greet. Especially if you have pets, your dog may not get along with the other pet, so this is a safety precaution. Besides that, you should want to get to know the dog and dog owner before taking responsibility for their dog.

My Thoughts on Rover

So my overall rating of Rover? 10/10. I love love, love, my regular. Her name is Harlow, and she's a beautiful Beagle mix. Harlow's fur mama prepared me with everything I needed and more to care for Harlow.

Harlow's owner sent me a Google document of Harlow's eating schedule, walking schedule, vet info, emergency contacts, habits, and more. She even provided me with a list of commands and tricks she knows. Harlow is a well-behaved dog, and she loves treats, napping, and walks.

We have a lot in common, so we have fun together. When I watched her for the first time, I could tell she was a bit confused when her owner left, but this time she never ran to the door. She hopped on my bed and got ready for a nap. (On brand, Harlow)!


I can honestly say I believe Harlow's owner has some peace of mind when I'm watching Harlow. I live alone and don't have any pets that could be a bother to Harlow. She's safe with me. Whether we're walking around the neighborhood or across the street grabbing lunch, Harlow is cared for.

One thing I know dog owners appreciate is pictures. Be sure to check in! I always send a couple of photos each day. Why not show them that their dogs are having fun? Send pictures of them enjoying dinner, a walk, or even a treat. Once your stay has ended (sad), you'll receive your payment in about two days. I choose to get paid through PayPal, and I like this method.

It's quick, and the funds were in my bank account 48 hours after dog sitting. I can't review Rover as a dog owner since I use Rover as a sitter, but I have to believe that this app is a game-changer for dog lovers. A loving dog sitter is only one click away. Admittedly, this is much easier than booking with a doggy daycare.

Dog Boarding v House Sitting

As I mentioned, I've been using the 'Dog Boarding' service on the Rover app. This means dog owners drop off their pets at my house. It's an ideal situation for many pet parents. They don't have to worry about showing pet sitters around their home, giving out spare keys, etc.

I love boarding dogs here at my house. I feel most comfortable in my home, and I know the neighborhood well. This means I have a fantastic route planned for each furry friend I walk.

I'll update you with my house sitting experience next time, but so far, I've got a tour of the dog parent's home along with a helpful rundown of the dog's potty break schedule, habits, and more. She was accommodating and even introduced me to her neighbors with pets, so I'd be familiar with people at the dog park.

Rover/Dog Boarding Perks

  • Make your schedule.
  • Pet preferences. (I don't bring dogs larger than 40 pounds into my home or dogs that aren't potty trained).
  • You can also host cats.
  • Payment is released two days after the stay is over.


I think it's going to be a great experience!

Besides dog sitting, Rover also has an option to become a dog walker. I think the dog walking portion is excellent for people who have a lot of free time (summer job for your kid going off to college in the fall?) or work remotely. Another dog walking app people love is 'Wag.' I'm not too familiar with it, but surely it's an excellent service for walking dogs within your neighborhood.


Communication is key. As long as dog owners equip you with the information and supplies to care for their dog, it should be smooth sailing. You should give Rover a try if you're interested in making extra cash, need a dog sitter, or just love hanging out with dogs. It's a win-win for everyone.

Sign up for Rover as a sitter here.

Sign up for Rover as a dog owner seeking a sitter here.

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