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Red Fox Enjoys a Full Thanksgiving Meal

YouTube: foxalbiazul

The best part of preparing a delicious meal is sharing it with your most adorable audience: your pets. 

In this case, the adorable pet was RonRon, an Oklahoma red fox, and boy was he thrilled to feast his eyes on this Thanksgiving plate.

Listen fully as he squeaks his gratitude to his owner, and devours his plate happily and cleanly, even searching in the leaves for any leftover bits afterwards.

Watch the video below:

RonRon the red fox goes full throttle on his turkey, skin, bones, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and one slice of bread. Those little squeaking noises that all foxes make are enough to make your heart melt.

The holiday season is an exciting one for pets the world over and most who've been around for a Thanksgiving or Christmas before know the good smells emanating from the kitchen mean a yummy dinner is coming their way, too.

RonRon resides in Oklahoma, where one can own a pet fox without holding a special license or permit to do so. We're happy you enjoyed your dinner, RonRon! You deserve it, little buddy.



Red Fox Enjoys a Full Thanksgiving Meal