Ripcord Takes a New Approach to One-Pass Gun Cleaning

One-pass gun cleaning has never been easier.

Maybe you're familiar with the "through-the-bore" style gun cleaning accessories, but we're betting you've seen them run their course. It's a nice idea, but only goes so far in all the gun cleaning and protecting tasks you need to accomplish.

Thanks to the Otis Ripcord, we can now confidently say there have been some upgrades to the general idea, and they're more effective and convenient than anything that's come before.

The first advantage is Ripcord's strong aircraft-grade Memory-Flex cable, which is combined with a rubberized core to keep the surface pressed firmly against the bore. That makes for more cleaning pressure, an obvious benefit.

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The rubberized core is helix-shaped, so it cleans rifling throughout the entire barrel. A rigid Nomex surface loosens and clears debris while standing up to 700-degree heat, so you can use Ripcord immediately after a session at the range, when your barrel is at its hottest.

Its rigidness allows the Ripcord to be easily driven through the barrel, without the assistance of gravity. Nomex is the same material used in flight suits and other critical flame-resistant apparel, so you know it's up to standards.

Another great benefit is the Ripcord's versatility—17 top calibers and gauges are covered with models for rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Plus, if you're using more smart gun care products from Otis, the threaded ends of the Ripcord are compatible with Otis bore brushes and other cleaning components.

The company that keeps redefining what we think we know about gun care won't let you down, and the Ripcord is a perfect example of that quality.