Rheos Sunglasses

Rheos Sunglasses: The Floating Shades Built for Water Junkies

I tested out a pair of Rheos sunglasses, and realized they're just as great off the water as they are in it.

"Rheos" is Greek for "river current." Once you learn a bit about Rheos Gear and their floating sunglasses, you catch on to their belief that "the best of us comes to life on the water."

Yeah sure, it's a neat idea, but are floating sunglasses really going to stack up against the pricey, high-end eyewear that outdoorsmen and women are used to? Rheos is doing their best to prove themselves, and I'd say they're well on their way.

First off, they have all the designs you'd want to choose from, including sports styles, round frames, and aviators. They all have polarized lenses, so you know you're getting the quality perspective you need for fishing and boating.

There is a good variety of lens colors, and some classic styles influenced by standard sunglasses, but with a nice, modern look. In other words, Rheos floating sunglasses aren't your typical pair of shades.

UV protection and anti-fog properties help make the lenses super clear, and a special Hydrophobic coating (like RainX on a windshield) helps water bead off and avoid settling in to blur your view.

Oh, and they're all available on Amazon Prime for $50 each.

Put to the test

I'll confidently say that all of these features were put to the test over the last few months with the pair of gunmetal-colored Anhingas. They're unisex, as are all of brand's styles, and I've already started competing with my wife to see who will grab them first on the way out the door.

Who am I kidding? The wayfarer look probably looks better on her than it does on me anyway. And that's not to say they're female-leaning; they just look good on her!

We spend a lot of time in the Austin area near water, and there isn't a lack of spots to go as long as we aren't experiencing a drought. If you've never spent time in a Central Texas summer, then you might not realize how valuable cold spring water can be in the middle of August.

Rheos Sunglasses

I wore the Rheos shades while fishing, hiking in high temperatures, driving, and especially during a few "splash in the creek" sessions with my kids and dog. I dropped them in the water each chance I got, just to remind myself how cool the floating feature is.

In a state that fancies water as much as Texas, I can't imagine how many pairs of sunglasses are lost every year to the depths of some tube- or boat-friendly water body. It was legitimately nice to know mine weren't facing the same fate they were.

Super bright sunshine didn't really affect the Rheos performance, and the protection from UV rays (up to UV400, to be exact) was expected, but appreciated.

The lightweight factor might be what tips these sunglasses over the top for me. It's cliché, but you can barely feel them on your face; they're so light. It's the TPX material Rheos uses that weighs in at about 30% lighter than typical sunglass frames, but maintains its durability and floating capability.

They fit snugly, don't slip when I get sweaty, and give me that peace of mind that they have a far less chance of getting lost when I'm on the water.

I plan to take them to the coast and do some offshore fishing soon, and am pretty confident they'll stand up with any other pair I've worn.

Maybe best of all, each pair of sunglasses purchased from Rheos (or their Amazon store, for that matter), are covered by a lifetime limited manufacturers warranty, and can be returned within 30 days if they just aren't for you.

Those sorts of extras make them even more worthwhile, not just as a smart and unexpected gift for Mother's or Father's Day, but a smart addition to any outdoorsman's or women's gear collection. Even if you don't spend a ton of time near the water, they still look and feel good when you wear them.

Rheos Sunglasses

But for a water junky, they're about as good as it gets. I've got my eye on the Rheos Sapelos and Bahias as gifts for a few people in my circle of anglers, beach bums, and river rats.

The Rheos philosophy doesn't revolve around making profits and becoming a household name. It's more about trying new things, making your own path, and continuing to learn about yourself and the environment that surrounds you.

RheosGear.com (or their Amazon store) is the place to find out more.