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Review: Is the Coleman Instant 2-Person Pop Up Tent Actually Worth It?

Instant tent

Are you looking for a tent you don't have to set up or take down? With Coleman's new pop-up tent, there's almost no work involved.

I don't camp very much. Actually, if camping is involved, I'm the guy that instantly starts looking for a nearby hotel and negotiating to just stay there instead.

Part of the reason I don't care that much about camping is because I hate messing around with putting up and taking down a tent. Perhaps it's just some strange quirk with me, but I'd rather sleep in my Jeep than mess with a tent.

Well, with how easy the Coleman Instant tent comes together, it's pretty much changed my mind.

Instant tent

Recently, I spent four days on a mountain in West Virginia. We were driving to different streams all over the Eastern part of the state while chasing native brook trout. For a wedding present, we were gifted a very nice tent, but it's a pain to set up. With this in mind, I ordered the Coleman two-person instant pop-up tent right from their website and fell in love.

Opening it up...

As soon as I got home, I opened it up right in my living room. To say this tent is instant is an understatement. In fact, once I unzipped it from it's carrying case, it was open and in full operating order in seconds, literally.

The space inside is limited, but what else would you expect with a two-person instant tent? There were no other attachments or assembly required. It popped into place just as advertised.

When on the fishing trip, I kept the tent in my vehicle and only popped it out when I needed it. Actually, packing it someplace would be terrible due to the size of the carrying case, but seeing as our vehicles were our starting points, it worked out well.

The tent itself was water tight. It also came with a built-in adjustable rainfly. If that wasn't on, a clear view of the night sky would be all you could see.

There's no telling how long this instant tent will actually last, but I only plan to use it a few times a year anyways. With that in mind, it's perfect.

Oh yeah, it's also only $69.99. If you order it directly from Coleman like I did, the shipping is free.


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Review: Is the Coleman Instant 2-Person Pop Up Tent Actually Worth It?