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Goose The Golden Retriever Eyes "Suspicious" Yellow Fruit

These pet parents pulled out the ol' lemon trick on their Golden Retriever!

A popular trend among parents is to give their baby a lemon to see their reaction. What usually happens is a hilarious, social media-worthy moment that elicits laughs from everyone.

This set of pet parents got in on the action, giving Goose the Golden Retriever a very suspicious fruit. Not quite sure what this is all about, Gator sees it on the living room floor and becomes concerned. He noses it around before plopping on the floor to give it a solid once-over. Goose then proceeds to give the performance of a lifetime filled with all the drama worthy of a Oscar. Dog owners everywhere will enjoy the performance that unfolds in the hilarious TikTok video that will have you laughing out loud at Goose's antics.

Goose The Golden Retriever Eyes Suspicious Fruit


Am I the drama? Absolutely, yes. #lemon #drama #goldenretriever #funny #cute

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Goose has such over the top reactions to the citrus. But, Goose's pet owners did a marvelous job captioning his reactions. As he sniffs the lemon slice, he growls at the lemon, and throws himself on the ground. The reactions keep going, until Goose decides that maybe the lemon might not be so bad.

Viewers agreed that Goose was hilarious. Claudia commented, "The theatrics is just beyond!!" While Haley said, "The way he gets so angry at the lemon." Gooses's pet parents argree that he is a "drama king." He is definetly all the drama. Another viewer commented, "He's so extra!!"

Goose's parents agree that his is "ridiculous." We can't help but agree, but we just love him and his little outburst so much. It just may be the best thing we have seen all week.

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