repeal the nfa
A Thompson submachine gun, also known as a Chicago Typewriter, invented in 1918.

'Repeal the NFA' Petition Gains 100,000 Signatures in 6 Days

The National Firearms Act of 1934 put a series of un-Constitutional gun laws in the books.

This act has put hunters and target shooters under heavy gun control regulations. Now, there's a 'Repeal the NFA' Petition that gained 100,000 signatures in just six days. Now, even though the goal number of signatures was only 100,000, the petition is at over 150,000 and rising.

As reported, the pro-gun movement has gained much ground with the election of President Donald J. Trump, who has made it known is an advocate of Constitutional gun rights. There are, at this moment, three active bills that are in Congress. These bills are for turning back the clock on gun control and unfair taxation such as the original NFA that was signed by President Franklin Roosevelt back in 1934.

If you want to stand up for gun rights now, be sure to sign this petition to repeal the NFA by February 19th. The request, as worded in the petition, is: "We the People wish to see the National Firearms Act of 1934 repealed in order to remove regulations on our 2nd amendment rights, increase national economic strength, and provide protection against threats to our national security."

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